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Textile Designer: Léa Laarakker Dingjan

Renowned for her freehand designs on silk, Léa has been living in Thailand since 1987. Léa did her vocational training with lace manufacturers in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

After her arrival in Thailand, Léa began to explore the properties of plain-woven rough and smooth Thai silk. Applying the “hot-blow” technique, Léa now paints freehand.

Léa’s works encompass both abstract and figurative silk paintings as well as fabric designs used for interior decoration, furnishings and fashion. Under Léa’s bold and sweeping brush strokes fabrics suddenly awake to a new life of amazing vividness. Daring colour combinations, applied in freehand style to form patterns and designs of great harmony and originality, have won Léa recognition all over the world.

By exploring ways of combining modern, avant-garde fabric design on Thai silk, manufactured following century-old local techniques and tradition, Léa has built an artistic bridge between old and new as well as East and West

Léa’s textiles are available at Asian Artworks Gallery.

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